Skating Tips From Our Video's
"Secrets of Hockey Speed, Vol. I and II"

Forward Stop Techniques

"The Stop shown above is from our video "Secrets of Hockey Speed, Vol. 1" ...

Notice how the skater above turns his hips 90 degrees (a 1/4 turn) and how he uses the front of his skates to slide first and then stop second.  You can slide the feet only by using the front portion of your edges and without placing to much bodyweight on them (so they do not dig in too soon and then chatter)... Also, notice how his skates are staggered with the left skate (outside edge) in front of the left skate (inside edge) by a good amount... Once you have begun your slide then you can dig in the edges by dropping your ankles to come to a stop (with the feet wide and uneven, so you can explode back the other way on your toes with a crossover start)... "

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