Skating Tips From Our Video's
"Secrets of Hockey Speed, Vol. I and II"
Forward Snow Cone Drill

• Bend the knees deeply.. Start at a slow pace and, as you improve, do it faster and faster.

• Begin the drill in the start position, with your heels in and touching, and your toes out, forming what looks like an arrow-tip (we call this the "Arrow Position").

• Use 100% of your bodyweight, centered over an inside edge, to thrust your pushing foot out to the side to full extension; the other foot is gliding perpendicular to the pushing foot turned outward .. keep your hips straight.

• When you get to full extension, scrape only the toe (top 1.1/2") of your skate back under your body.

• Scrape ice with your toe (keep knees turned outward) until you are able to click your heels in the middle. As you advance, instead of clicking the heels, wrap one foot on the outside of the other when you return.

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