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Eligibility Questions

Who are your Power Skating Programs for?

Is my Skater Too Skilled or, vice versa, Not Skilled enough to attend?

We take ALL levels of Hockey Players, and we break the Players up by skill levels on the ice, giving the more advanced players harder drills and concepts while the newer players get drills and skills designed for them as well… However, it should be pointed out that if we had some of our NHL […]

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My player is a Mite/U8…can they participate in the Camps?

It is recommended that all participants in our program should already by playing ice hockey in full ice hockey gear and already on team. Also, the player should already go be able to skate backwards and be able to stop on ice skates (on one side at least), and have a good attention span. Youth […]

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Which Group should I sign my Player up for?

We use age as predetermining factor for how we split up the groups and generally, it works out that we stick fairly close to the original group split…HOWEVER, the way we break up the groups by age is simply a guide, and if you have a more advanced 2nd year Squirt, for example, we have […]

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My skater is a Travel Level Player, is your Program right for them?

Absolutely!! Our Power Skating Programs are designed for everyone …. From Travel A, AA and AAA Players to House Players… The techniques that we teach for better Skating and Stickhandling to Youth Hockey Players are the same fundamentals we teach to the NHL Stars!

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I’m an Adult Hockey Player, will I feel out of place skating in the Pee Wee & Up Group?

We have tremendous experience and success with mixing adult players in with the older youth hockey players. Our Students are concentrating so hard on their own strengths and weakness and the techniques we are teaching, that they will not have time to notice who is in the camp with them. Note: We do recommend that […]

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Are Goalies welcome at your Programs?

Absolutely!!… Goalies are welcome and encouraged to wear full goalie gear if that’s what they prefer. Please note that we will not be taking shots at the Goalies for the most part (no nets), but we do give them goalie specific skating exercises whenever possible!  Most of the time they are skating with the out […]

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