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Skating Related Questions

How tight should the skates be tied?

It’s a very simple answer… TIGHT! And you or your skater should be in as high quality of a boot as you can afford… preferably CCM 🙂 Ankle bending impedes all facets of skating: Especially stopping, lateral moves, transitions and backwards!

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How important is the quality of the Skate?

The quality of the boot is vital! Parents, if possible, please only invest in the top of the line, best skates available (even though they cost more) because the support that they give to even the youngest of skaters is so important for development, balance and most importantly, confidence.

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What can you tell me about skate sharpening and rockering?

Skate Sharpening: This is an individual matter…. For example, I have coached pro players who will go games without sharpening their skates and likewise, I have coached players who sharpen them between periods… With that said, there are a couple of rules that you may want to follow… If you or your child is having […]

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