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Curriculum Questions

How can we reach Robby Glantz Power Skating?

Please contact our Office Manager, Donna at anytime, +1-818-776-9045 or Email [email protected] To reach Robby directly, please email him at [email protected] Thanks for your interest in our Program… and we look forward to seeing all of you at the rink soon!!

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What Skating Skills are stressed at your Power Skating Programs?

We try to cover all aspects of skating used in ice hockey, including: Forward & Backward Stride Crossovers Quick Starts & Stops Speed with Pucks Wide Legs Puck Protection Moves Turning with Acceleration Transitions Fakes And So Much More …And rather than just telling you what to do… we ALWAYS STRESS HOW TO DO IT and […]

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Do you use Pucks at your Power Skating Programs?

Absolutely!!! AT ALL OF OUR POWER SKATING PROGRAMS, we teach how to skate faster with and without the puck… And we even show the players the EXACT location where the puck should be placed in relation to the body in order to gain maximum stride efficiency, puck protection and speed.

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Do you teach Stickhandling skills at your Programs?

Yes!! We have been teaching Stickhandling and Puck skills at All of our Programs for Years… and we continue to do so at every Power Skating Program. And as always, we teach HOW TO DO IT, with fundamentals broken down, STEP-BY-STEP, in an easy to understand and easy to retain format!

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What are the Bungie Cords and Resistance Training Devices?

Since everybody involved with Robby Glantz Int’l Power Skating is a former or current Ice Hockey player, we like to think of ourselves as stride and speed coaches! Our Program being designed specifically for the Ice Hockey Player…and we have found that a couple of the great methods for getting more speed are training methods […]

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How many Students are in a Class?

Our group size goal is to have around 36 skaters on the ice per group. (Please Note: Can vary by a few player… and our 1 group programs can have more skaters).

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